Motivates brushing for improved gum health
FlexCare+ is the most advanced reason to recommend Sonicare. It offers advanced features including a new gum care mode that help make it easier for patients to brush longer. By encouraging patients to be more thorough at home, they’ll experience an invigorating clean while you see the improved oral health results.

FlexCare+ was named a “Best Product 2010” by Hygiene Product Shopper.
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Patented Sonic Technology
Patented sonic technology creates powerful yet gentle dynamic cleaning action that reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line.
ProResults Brush Heads
Wider bristle range and contour fit, now with reminder bristles.
Motivates patients to reach recommended brushing time of 2 minutes.
Illuminated display
High-tech new panel is easy to read with a clean look.
Encourages thorough brushing of each quadrant of the mouth.
Gum Care Mode
2 minutes of complete whole mouth cleaning plus 1 minute gentle cleaning for problem areas and along the gum line.
Brush Head Sanitizer
UV cleaning technology removes select brush head microorganisms in 10 minutes.*
* E. coli, S. mutans and H. simplex-1

Additional Brushes


FlexCare+ Brush Heads

ProResults Standard Brush Head
All Around Clean
The larger surface area and contoured bristles of the ProResults Standard brush head work with your patients’ choice of brushing modes on the toothbrush handle to thoroughly clean and massage teeth and gums.
ProResults Mini Brush Head
All Around Clean
The ProResults Mini brush head helps your patients focus the patented sonic technology generated by Sonicare’s toothbrush handle on the hard-to-reach areas where plaque and stains can hide.