Sonicare For Kids

Superior results at each brushing phase
Sonicare For Kids is specifically designed to help kids build healthy brushing habits for life. With its kid-friendly features and clinically proven results, Sonicare For Kids helps parents teach their children to brush—supporting the transition from brushing together to independent brushing. Sonicare For Kids delivers superior results through every brushing phase.

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Clinical Proof
Clinical Study: More plaque removal than Crest Spinbrush® for Kids >
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Patented Sonic Technology
Patented sonic technology creates powerful yet gentle dynamic cleaning action that reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line.
Fun front panels
Fun panels are interchangeable so kids can change them as they grow.
Rubber overmold
Provides added protection for kids’ teeth.
Ergonomic handle
Designed with various gripping locations, facilitating shared or independent brushing.
Helps kids reach the recommended 2-minute brushing time–it progressively increases length of time over 90 days.
Two kid-friendly power modes
Provides gentle cleaning appropriate for different ages; low mode for 4+ and high mode for 7+.
Two distinct brush head sizes
Specifically designed to gently clean teeth at key developmental phases.
Product of the Year Award

Additional Brushes

Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush

Sonicare For Kids Brush Heads

Sonicare For Kids Standard Brush Head
Kid-Friendly Clean
Select the Sonicare For Kids Standard brush head for kids ages 7-10 and pair with the “high” power mode on the toothbrush handle.
Sonicare For Kids Compact Brush Head
Kid-Friendly Clean
Select the Sonicare For Kids Compact brush head for kids ages 4-6 and pair with the “low” power mode on the toothbrush handle.