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Simple to make the switch from a manual toothbrush
EasyClean combines Sonicare’s patented sonic technology and the unique ProResults brush head to remove up to two times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
And with one-mode simplicity and a slim handle for comfort and maneuverability, it’s an easy transition for your patients who use manual toothbrushes to the power of Sonicare.
Clinical Proof
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Patented Sonic Technology
Patented sonic technology creates powerful yet gentle dynamic cleaning action that reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line.
ProResults Brush Head
A broad, sweeping motion and contour-fit bristles for outstanding plaque removal.
Brushing power gently increases to ease patients into the Sonicare brushing experience.
Snap-on Brush Head
Easy brush head placement and handle cleaning.
Two-minute timer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time.
Recharge Indicator
Light blinks when battery needs recharging
EasyClean Toothbrush

EasyClean Brush Heads

ProResults Standard Brush Head
All Around Clean
The larger surface area and contoured bristles of the ProResults Standard brush head work with your patients’ choice of brushing modes on the toothbrush handle to thoroughly clean and massage teeth and gums.
ProResults Compact Brush Head
All Around Clean
The ProResults Compact brush head helps your patients focus the patented sonic technology generated by Sonicare’s toothbrush handle on the hard-to-reach areas where plaque and stains can hide.