DiamondClean Clinical Study
NEW! DiamondClean
Clinical Study
Learn why we're calling this latest innovation our best toothbrush to date.
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Free Dental Toolkit
Free Dental Toolkit
Learn how to confidently welcome and treat children
with autism in your practice.
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NEW! Choosing the Right Words
Choosing the Right Words
Find out how to phrase things so your patients follow through on your recommendations.
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Sonicare AirFloss
Your patients who don’t floss regularly have an easier way to clean in-between.
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Patient Care
Patient Care
New profile available to educate your patients who just don’t floss.
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Hard-to-Reach Brushing
Use Sonicare’s compact brush head to reach molars.
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Patient Brochures

Complete product information and a
rebate to get your patients started
with Sonicare. To order your patient
brochures, please call us at
1-800-676-SONIC (7664) or contact
us by email

Condition Sheets

Customize free educational
materials for your patients about various dental conditions. Download your free condition sheets now.

Coloring Page

Offer your young patients this free
color page while they wait. Download
your free coloring page now.

Fact Sheet

Customize quick summaries of our
key products for your patients. Download your free fact sheets now.

Sonicare Screensaver

Meet and greet all our patient
profiles, right on your own computer!
PC version available only. Download your free screensaver now.

Brush Head Education

Customize free educational
materials for your patients about
Sonicare brush heads. Download
your free brush head education
sheet now.

Image Pack

Need a photo of Sonicare DiamondClean for a meeting or presentation? Download your
Sonicare image pack today.